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 Venezuelan Bassist and composer,

Motivated by the constant need to create & interact

with different disciplinary methods.

Driven by the freedom to explore, deconstruct

develop new ideas. 

His current main areas of focus are electro-acoustic and jazz music, spatialisation; spatial sound synthesis 

& loudspeaker orchestras.

He holds a Masters in composition (University S. Bolivar, Venezuela) & a Masters in musicology

(Paris 8 University, France).

Previously assistant researcher in the Research

& Development Department (University S. Bolivar), 

he has also been  resident composer at the 

Visby International Center for Composers (Sweden).

He has a diploma in computer-aided music

from the Regional Conservatory of Aubervilliers (France).

His works have been programmed in numerous European

South American cities, in festivals & other related events.

In addition to his solo work, he is member of the collectives Electrologues, Unmappped, Sphair.

Inspired by the different esthetics, he is exploring and experimenting with jazz, electro-acoustic and

(free) improvisation. This search is driven by his desire to make and play music (bass guitar/ composition).

He worked with Anne-Gabriel Debaecker, Rafael Paseiro to perfect his jazz esthetic

He is currently working with Joe Makholm, Jacque Vidal, Felipe Cabreras.

In 2016 and 2017, he was resident composer at the 

Visby International Center for Composers, and 2020, he will return for a new adventure in Gotland. 

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